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You know how sometimes you just feel like seeing something new…something different? Or maybe you’ve got a unique fetish you'd love a cam model to perform for you, live and in HD. Well then, let’s talk about the kink experience on CamSoda—the free, sex streaming-and-chat mega-site with tons of X-rated performers doing anything you can imagine, and some sexy stuff you never knew existed.

Camsoda Fetish Pros

  • Free performances
  • Cheap private chats
  • Free C2C in privates
  • Mostly amateurs

Camsoda Fetish Cons

  • No UHD or 4K video
  • Limited Search Options
  • Confusing to navigate

Camsoda Fetish Editorial Review

Gorgeous CamSoda fetish girls are ready to dominate, torture, and more

When it comes to freemium cam sites, CamSoda easily claims the number-one spot. The volume of activity will blow your mind—we're talking hundreds and hundreds of models online during most hours of the day, performing for the camera in the hopes of earning your tips. Whether you're into girls, guys, or trans, CamSoda has you covered—although there's no denying the majority of the models are female.

Is volume the only thing that makes it the best freemium site? No. It's also their preview format. All the preview screens run simultaneously at no cost to the viewer. That means you can browse all you want, which is a great thing when you're searching for the raunchy but rare. And while it's not as easy to find as the so-called "regular" stuff, the kinky material is definitely there: bondage, domination, humiliation, spanking, role playing—it's all there. Oh...and feet. How could I forget feet?


There are so many models on CamSoda you're bound to find that special someone, but I have to warn you: Finding the wild, wacky, and weird isn't as easy on their site as on some others. CamSoda doesn't have a "fetish" filter you can just click and start watching. It does have a few topical hashtags (including one actually titled "fetish"), but since the models can tag themselves, you often land on an irrelevant page. In fact, I wouldn't bother with the hashtags at all. They're really not very helpful. You also can't search for "spanking" or "cock-and-ball torture" because their search engine only spits back names of models.

Getting discouraged? No need! CamSoda's volume and format mean you can window shop like nowhere else—literally nowhere else. Scroll all you want. Click on page after page. It's free! With a little extra effort you'll find that anime girl or bondage mistress. Also, remember the page is interactive, so you can always try talking one of the models into doing something new...for tips.

Thousands of models perform daily on


CamSoda, like most sites, has more females than anything else. As you scroll through the pages and hashtags, you'll find teens (18+), African, mature, Asian, Latina, heavyset, green haired, blue eyed...really anything you can hope for. On average there are a few hundred models online at any given moment, and I'd say about a third of them are into kinky stuff. A few tips, and she'll spank herself, use her feet to play with a toy, put on some clamps, or...well, I'll let you use your imagination.


On the left side of the CamSoda homepage is a filter tab titled "males." During most times of the day, there are around a dozen guys online. I'll be honest: CamSoda's selection of males is very limited, so if you're looking for a guy with some kink in his step, you'll have to get lucky.


There are more trans models on CamSoda than there are males, but the selection is nothing compared to the number of female performers. Typically, there are between 20 and 30 transgender models online, and most of them are very kink inclined.


There are few things I expect from a great cam site. I expect a variety of models, cause no matter how hot she is, I'm not going to watch the same model each time. I also expect there to be access to the models. I want to chat with them and get them to perform for me. I want to operate interactive toys and get that sense of control over the model. If all I can do is sit passively, I'm going to get bored very quickly. CamSoda suits my needs perfectly. There are more models than I'll ever need, and the follow option allows me to keep track of the girls I like. When I log on, I can check the little pink heart at the top of the page, which indicates how many of the models I follow are currently online.

In terms of interaction, every model I've observed responds in the chat, uses interactive toys—Lovense being the most popular—and when you add the ability to record private shows, you feel like you're getting your money's worth. There are also some hilarious features like the Spin It wheel, which allows you to spin a wheel to determine what the model will do. Similarly, the Pull It and Scratchoff options are a lot of fun.

Locate fetish models spanking themselves on

Speaking of interactive features, I'm going to let you in on a feature that can save you some hard-earned cash. Sometimes models set token goals where they promise to perform a certain act once they're reached a certain number of tokens—for example, "put on clamps at 1000 tokens." Now, if you're dying to see her perform, but don't want to tip so much at once, look for the Split goal with others button (below the tip button). This will allow you to tip as part of a group, thereby reducing each viewers' expenses. Not every model offers this feature, but for larger goals it's quite common, so make sure you look out for it.

Other great features include:

  • Interactive games and toys
  • Cam2cam available for Private Shows
  • Notifications for when your favorite models come online
  • Option to purchase pre-recorded content


OK, let's do this! You've opened CamSoda on your browser and you want to get started with the experience. The great news is that if all you want to do is watch, you're there! Sit back and enjoy the show...or should I say, shows. There are hundreds. Since you're browsing as a guest, you might get booted from certain rooms after a minute or so, but you can always move on to the next sexy vixen.

Being a guest is easy enough, but my advice is to register an account. It only takes a few seconds, is totally free, and comes with enough features to justify the effort. Just click the Join Free Now button located on the top right corner of the page. CamSoda doesn't ask for much: a username, an email address, a password, and a gender. You will not be asked to provide any financial details unless you choose to buy something.

Registration is free, simple, and private


Chatting up a model can be great fun. They usually answer back, which bolsters the interactive nature of the experience, and if you use the chat section wisely (along with some tips), you can get a model to do just about anything. CamSoda offers a few chat options: If you're not signed in, you won't be able to chat at all. If you are, the scope of your access will be determined by your membership status.


The basic membership package allows you to enter the chatroom of any model on the site. You can watch, comment, ask her to do something unique—make sure to ask politely—and use tokens to control toys. The only problem is there could be 30 other people in the chat room as well, which makes it difficult to maintain the flow of conversation. The next thing you know you're debating sports with someone instead of watching a hot model get undressed. You could try finding a model no one is watching, but there's usually a reason for that. The joy of a one-on-one session with a model is the reason you'll find so many people in the free chat asking to "go private."


Why share a model when you can enjoy a private show? If you're willing to invest some tips, you can enjoy one-on-one attention from a gorgeous model who will likely be willing to engage in just about any activity you ask for. CamSoda even allows you to record and save the private session to view later. Now, not all models do private shows—it's entirely up to them. Those who do, set their price points for various activities, and it's best to clarify ahead of time whether your model is actually willing to do "that thing" you're hoping she'll do. Communication is key, so be clear about your desires and make sure she's clear about her scope of activities. Some models even offer a wonderful feature called "cam2cam," which allows you to enjoy face-to-face interaction with the model. As with the private shows, the choice whether to participate in a cam2cam session is up to the model, as is the price.

By clicking Go Private you can see the price-per-minute (in tokens) for the show, as well as the conditions for the show: allows/does not allow private recordings, allows/does not allow cam2cam. If you want to shop by price, try the Private Show Price filter, which is organized by price points ranging from 6 tokens per minute, all the way to 120. "Forget tokens!" you say? "What is that in dollars?" you ask? The answer is it depends on how many tokens you buy. CamSoda offers scaled prices, so the more you buy the less each token costs. On average, however, a private chat will cost about $2.75/min, with the least expensive models charging $0.55/min.


In between public and private shows are two interesting options to consider: ticket shows and spy cam. The tickets shows are performances models give for members who purchase a ticket, and the spy cam is a way to spy on a private show. Either one will cost less than a private show and will often provide much more entertainment.

Lesbian couples with kinky foot fetish are a major hit


Tipping the models is the only way to get the personalized attention you really want. When you feel like activating a toy, chatting up a model in private, or paying for pre-recorded media, tokens are the keys that open the models'...doors. Years ago you might have needed to jump through several hoops to pay a site like this, but times have changed. CamSoda offers many ways to pay for tokens—from all major credit cards to old-fashioned wire transfers (from some countries). They even accept modern cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ether. Paying by credit card or PayPal is fast, simple, and secure. Paying by wire transfer is a bit of a hassle, because you need to send then an email request and go through several other steps—and that's assuming they accept wire transfers from your country.

Models perform for tokens, which you can buy with a credit card, as well as other options

The site accepts:

  • major credit cards
  • PayPal
  • cryptocurrencies
  • wire transfers / personal checks (from certain countries)


Freemium is great, but there's something about a full-access pass to a cam site that's so much better. Knowing you can send a private message at any time is reason enough to get the Premium membership. I also enjoy being able to browse and chat without constantly seeing an ad. When you first sign up for a premium account, CamSoda will offer you a tokens bonus. They also have promotional events on holidays, including Cinco de Mayo and even Mother's Day.

A Premium membership is also the only way to enjoy private messaging and Stealth Mode. Private messaging allows you to make a connection with the model without jumping straight into a private show. It's the best way to gauge how receptive the model is to those unusual requests you have. When you're in stealth, you enjoy total anonymity. You can still chat and tip, but only the model can see what you've tipped or written. Furthermore, as a premium member you'll be able to adjust the tipping volume, which helps you convey your level of interest.

How much will that set you back?

A premium membership on CamSoda costs $19.99/month and provides access to all of the benefits listed above. In addition, the premium interface doesn't have any of those annoying ads you usually see on cam sites. You'll also get 200 free tokens as a sign-up bonus.


Remember when you had to hide behind the shed with a magazine? Not these days! All the girls your heart desires are available anytime, anywhere. Cellphones have changed the way we live and CamSoda understands that. Like many other modern platforms, they've developed a cellphone interface that allows you to enjoy something very similar to the experience you'd have on a computer. You can view the models, tip them as you normally would, and participate in the various shows: public, private, spy and ticket. There are two major differences to the mobile site: the preview windows are stills, and the chat history travels in the opposite direction. I would prefer active preview windows, but I suspect that would create serious RAM issues for some phones. Regardless, the mobile site works very well. You don't feel as though you're missing out on any key features.


I'm a huge fan of sharp, crisp HD+ and 4K—heck, even 8K—for movies, gaming, and especially for cam girls. So, I'm glad CamSoda offers an HD tag with which to locate the best high definition streams. Obviously, the biggest factor is the model's camera, but plenty use high-end gear resulting in the kinds of clean, clear images viewers demand these days. I do hope they add UHD and 4K options soon, but for a freemium site, CamSoda's overall video quality is rather good. You certainly won't find any fuzzy or frozen feeds. Those days—thankfully—are behind us.

Kinky ahegao fetish is popular on——



✔ Huge selection of fetish models
✔ Many free and inexpensive options
✔ Sign-up bonus (tokens)
✔ Option to record private sessions
✔ Cam2cam available on desktop and mobile


✖ Problematic search functions
✖ Private chat rates only visible to token holders
✖ No HD+ webcam rooms


There's a reason CamSoda is so popular: You get a lot of material for little to no cost, and the overall experience is great fun. The large selection of models means you're not likely to get bored, and the interactive features mean you get to be part of the action. There's something for everyone, and the ability to record your private sessions means you'll always have a nice memento. To be fair, the site has a few flaws: It needs to be reorganized so that it's easier to navigate, search, and filter. But when you consider that the membership is free and the tokens are inexpensive, you realize it really is one of the very best fetish cam sites out there.

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